Skylar Shupe is a power house singer-songwriter, producer with a big voice and a unique style.  She began singing at the age of four at her church in Atkins, VA. At first, she started singing Country-Pop but found it difficult to write music that she wanted to sing. It wasn’t until a mentor told Shupe to write what was in her heart that she decided to make the switch to Contemporary Christian music.

     “I literally sat down and made a list of all the things that mean the most to me. It might sound cheesy, but Jesus and inspiring others made the top of the list. So I thought, ‘maybe I should try singing Christian music,’ and I haven’t regretted the decision since.”

     Shupe is currently working on writing her first EP and says that fans can expect the new music to be “powerful and vulnerable.”

     “I’m essentially singing my testimony. I’ve finally found my place in music where I feel like I’m at home: a place where I can cry, be angry, happy, joyful, and express myself freely.”

     Not only is Shupe busy being an honor student at Belmont University where she majors in Music Business to obtain a Bachelors of Business Administration degree, she’s also very active on social media. Shupe uploads videos to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook where she can be found singing a variety of covers and original music. Shupe also hosts a Christian podcast called “Here We Go, 23,” where she talks about current scripture she’s reading and what God is teaching her at the moment. Together, Shupe and her fiance, Jake, started a YouTube channel called “Shupe Scoop,” where they post fun challenges and videos of their daily lives. No matter what content of Shupe’s you’re listening to or watching, she wants you to walk away feeling happy and like you’re a part of her family. One thing is for certain, fans should definitely keep a watchful eye on the “This Is War” singer, because she’s finally found her place in the music world and is ready to leave a lasting impression.